Thanks and gratitudes

Wetumpka High School

I would like to thank Dr. Vilardi, my high school robotics teacher, for instilling a passion for education. As well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I would also like to thank her for allowing me to do all sorts of weird and costly experiments. I would also like to apologize while I'm at it for breaking the internet. Mrs.Fox for showing me that an intuitive knowledge goes a lot further than surface level knowledge. As well as the entire faulty/staff at W.H.S. for encouraging the growth and development of the student body.  

Auburn University at Montgomery

I would like to thank Dr. Wang, the chair of the Department of Mathematics and computer science, Dr. Dinc, my academic adviser, and Dr. Cueva-Parra my research adviser for believing in my potential and guiding me through academia. Dr. Wu for showing me skill-based knowledge is something you never forget, Dr. Pape for being a fantastic professor, and every professor along with all my classmates I have had during my time at AUM for encouraging me to follow my dreams, and for allowing me to be nerdy.

Family, blood or not

I'd like to thank all of those in my life for helping me get this far in life. My mother and father, where my life began, and my sibling for being there all my life, even though it was not a choice. I'd like to thank those who have loved my like their own child, like my Aunt Jo and Uncle Tim, and lil Tim. Mom and Steve B. for allowing me to live with them while I do my schooling. I'd like to thank all my not blood brothers, Logan, Ian, Colton, Jordan, Kyser, Austin, Erik, Jlaw, Max and Will. Everyone of y'all plus more. Also, all the sisters I've gained, Katie, Brooke, Ashley, Bee, Jessica, Sydney and April. Everyone of you all and so much more has been a big impact on my life and I am forever grateful to have you all in my life.


Everyone of these people have been a huge impact to me and I feel in debt to these communities of people that has given me so much, which is why I love community service and volunteering. Please pass on the love to all.